You will go bananas over banana peels!
Don't throw them away! 10 uses for banana peels - Poza 1

Check out these wonderful ideas for using the magical banana peels. They heal everything from acne to warts and even depression.

  1. Whiten teeth
    All you have to do is rub the inner white side of a peel over your teeth for two minutes immediately after brushing them. You will begin to notice results within a week. Banana peels contain magnesium, potassium and manganese which clean superficial stains produced by coffee, tea, wine, tobacco and food additives.
  2. Fight acne
    I have used banana peels on the awful and painful back acne, and it worked wonders in 7 days or less. You simply rub the peel on the zits until the peel turns black. Don’t wash the area immediately after, let the nutrients work their magic. I know it looks gross, but honestly, the result is the only one that truly matters.
  3. Heal bruises faster
    Simply apply the white side of the peel on the cleaned bruise. If you rub it on a fresh bruise, you will help the discoloration fade faster. No time for that? Tape the banana peel on the bruise and keep it overnight.
  4. Remove warts for that
    Warts are among the most common skin infection. Before you try burning off the little patches, try using a banana peel. You can apply it to your skin anytime you have a couple of spare minutes. You can also cut a big enough piece of peel, apply it on the wart and wrap it with medical tape. Remove and wash after 7-8 hours.
  5. Soothe bug bites
    Skin is exposed to various insect bites, and some may cause irritation. Mosquitoes, bees, wasps and spiders are among the insects whose bite commonly creates and allergic reaction. Banana peels have strong anti-inflammatory effects thus calming the burning and itching sensation.
  6. Remove ink stains from skin
    Yes, seriously, banana peels can do that. All you have to do - you’ve guessed it -: rub the peel on the discolored area. The natural oils in the peel will attract the oils in the ink, and the stain will disappear before your eyes.
  7. Fight depression
    Both bananas and their peels work wonders on your mood. The wonderful nutrients they contain help elevate the mood. You can blend banana peels in your favorite smoothies.
  8. Polish you shoes!
    The natural oils contained by the meaty side of the peel will give them a lustrous shine. Rub the peel just on the shoes and then buff with a soft cloth.
  9. Give houseplants a shine
    Did you know that dusty plants can’t absorb the sun rays efficiently? Don’t spray the house plant with water because you may do more harm. Instead, you can polish the leaves banana peels. The plants will have a healthy glow and will smell really sweet!
  10. Tenderize meat
    Forget about dry, tasteless chicken breasts. Simply add one or two banana peels on top of the meat while cooking it. The meat will retain all of the tasty moisture. You might get a bit of banana flavor so don’t overdo it.