There are many invaluable lessons that only strong and loving mothers can teach daughters. Here are some of those things that can only be taught by example.


You learn that you don't need anyone to save you, you are strong and capable. You are able to live a full and happy life with or without a man. You have seen your mother do everything from raising children to cooking dinners to building a career.

Unconditional love

You learn the meaning of unconditional love. She gave literally everything to ensure your wellbeing, and she felt blessed to do it. She showered you with love even when you didn't feel like you deserved it. She showed you exactly what selfless, unconditional love looks like. You're not going to find that kind of love anywhere else.

9 Things You Learn From A Strong Mother - Poza 1To love yourself

A strong mother will teach you to love yourself, you learn to leave situations that are not meant for you, to never give up hope, to believe in yourself and your own abilities despite what others may think. You do not become defined by the speed bumps of life, you bounce back and fight for what you want.

It is ok to be strong. It is ok to be emotional.

You can be both at the same time. You witnessed soft moments when your mom would stay up to take care of you when you were unwell or troubled, how she hugs you when she knows you need it. Her compassion and tenderness become part of you too. You have also seen her fight for her family, for her rights, for her voice to be heard.

Being a woman isn't easy.

At times you may not be taken seriously and your opinion may be ignored. That won't stop you because you know you have learned how to have your voice heard.

Keep facing forward.

Don't look back. You don't dwell on what ifs, you know to not look back and question what happens. Even when it feels like life has turned upside down you keep looking forward, every experience got you to exactly where you belong.

Patience and resilience

9 Things You Learn From A Strong Mother - Poza 2Everything will be ok, you know that you are being looked out for and that storms pass. Tomorrow is a new day and you know that. You don't try to rush things, you are patient because your mother has taught you that patience is a strength.

You are responsible for your own happiness.

Even when times are tough you can find happiness. There are always reasons to smile, even if you are carrying the weight of the world there is a reason to smile and be grateful. Once you realize you create your own happiness, nothing will stop you.

You will be a good mother.

Your mom has always shown you how to take care of a family selflessly and with unconditional love, she has shown you how hard work pays off and that you always have someone who loves you more than you can imagine. She has led by example and shown you how to be a strong, compassionate, loving and resilient individual. You are following in her footsteps and putting all that she has taught you into practice every single day.

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