Aquarians are analytical daydreamers who may seem very odd to other signs because their behavior does not always fit with the standards. You may question their actions, their ideas and even their sanity sometimes.
20 things only Aquarians understand - Poza 1

Here is a list of things Aquarians can relate to. Keep it handy if you are an Aquarius or are close to one.

  1. Things do happen to bump into you. You are not clumsy, somebody rearranges the furniture. And makes invisible holes in your coffee mugs.
  2. Sometimes people have better conversations in your head.
  3. When somebody wants to take a picture of you, the first instinct is to make a funny face.
  4. 20 things only Aquarians understand - Poza 2You like to laugh.
  5. You love to make others laugh.
  6. You are not distracted, there are so many thoughts traveling your brain that it is very difficult to keep up with them.
  7. There are many people who confide in you, but you don’t trust many people to talk about your true self.
  8. You hold grudges even though you don’t show. If you don’t like someone, they may never find out.
  9. You hate injustices and always judge things by their fairness. For instance, you may not accept a raise if you feel you do not deserve it.
  10. When something bothers you, you can’t calm down until you have found a solution or a resolution. Sometimes you dream the answers to your questions.
  11. You don’t make a good impression.
  12. There is order in every mess. If someone cleans up your desk, you won’t be able to find anything.
  13. You don’t care if people don’t like you, but you find that odd.
  14. You get bored easily.
  15. You need to recharge after social gatherings.
  16. You give 110% when you like something. Even when that thing is not good for you. Or especially then.
  17. You want to know everything. But you can’t. And it’s frustrating.
  18. Your enthusiasm is contagious.
  19. Your imagination is not something regular folks can’t comprehend.
  20. You need a plan. Always, for everything. You can’t function without one even if you don’t follow it.

Main image: Sidney Hall restaured by Adam Cuerden