There is no wonder why you are the first sign of the zodiac.
  1. You are not bossy. You simply know what needs to be done and how it can be done. Fast.
  2. It’s not that you are impatient. You just don’t like slow people. Or slow computers. Even the word slow irritates you!
  3. You have a sixth sense: you can smell bullshit from a mile away.
  4. You often expect people to understand what is really going on in your heart even if you don’t always open up easily.
  5. You pride on your independence and often act tough but deep down you are sweet hearted and fragile.
  6. You like to flirt with everyone, but it’s harmless and it’s part of your appeal. You like flirting just for the sake of flirting and to have fun.
  7. You are a keen observer of other humans. From the moment you are first introduced to someone, you run a pshychological profile on them.
  8. You forgive easily. Unless someone really really and intentionally hurts you. Then you become heartless and vindictive.
  9. You are an excellent lover. That might have something to do with your openmindness, drive, creativity and energy.
  10. You want to feel alive. You will do anything to escape boredom and autopilot. You are not destined for a mediocre life.
  11. Family is incredibly important to you. The most important thing.
  12. You can totally separate professional life from your personal life. That’s a true gift!
  13. In less than 3 minutes you can go from calm to flaming mad and then back to calm.
  14. When you want something, you get it even if it takes years. You can sacrifice everything for that one thing you truly want.
  15. When you have a couple of drinks, you become ruthlessly honest. And you will drop truth bombs with a smile on your face, a joke on the side and another glass in your hand.
  16. You have a special connection to music.
  17. You love to hunt, but you hate to chase.
  18. You are incredibly jealous, but try your best not to show it.
  19. No matter how many times life kicks you, you can always pick yourself up and start again.
  20. Love and passion are the two ingredients you would die without. You can not love if you don’t get thrilled every day. And you can not work on a project that does not excite you.