How many of the following do you check?
20 Signs You Are a Virgo - Poza 1
  1. You would prefer it if people liked you, but you don’t make an effort.
  2. Things are not complicated. People complicate things.
  3. Most people will say you are an insensitive brat. The people who love you will say you’re the kindest, most considerate person they know.
  4. You are very good at solving problems. Your problems, friends’ problems, neighbors’ problems, etc.
  5. You can seem rude. You are just more honest than most people.
  6. You are not afraid to make a fool of yourself. On the other hand, other people can not make a fool of you.
  7. You always manage to sneak out of small talk.
  8. You have very high standards for yourself and the people around you. People may think you criticize others very easily, but your are most critical of yourself.
  9. You can’t understand how other people can function in a messy environment.
  10. You are not stubborn, you just find that your way is the best way.
  11. You can’t function around stupid people. They can’t get your jokes.
  12. You are not sarcastic, you simply have found a way to deliver criticism with a smile on your face.
  13. You don’t procrastinate. You just analyze the problem from all the perspectives. Silently. In your head.
  14. You are a very good listener. Better than most.
  15. You always have the most interesting stories.
  16. You think you are the smartest person in the room. You usually are.
  17. You like to hear yourself talking because of #16.
  18. You always have a plan in your mind. You write it down only when you have to explain it to others.
  19. You are very good at focusing on one task at a time. Unless someone interrupts. And that someone becomes the public enemy.
  20. You don't get angry easily but when you do... Smeagol seems like a shy guy.