It can be safely said that Scorpios are one of the most widely misunderstood signs in the Zodiac. This is probably because you're chock-full of contradictions.

You don't mind it, though, you love contradicting yourself. Why? Because one of the primary things that makes you - you is the fact that you love intensity and you'll do just about anything to cause violent outpours of emotion. It makes you feel alive and in control.

There can be no doubt that you love with just as much intensity and no one is as loyal as you. The flipside of that devotion is the fact that you do get a bit jealous at times... Well, you do also get a bit obsessive, manipulative and suspicious.

We love you, though, and here's why:

  1. Once you love someone, you love them with absolutely every fiber of your being.
  1. Control is a very big thing for you. You need to feel in complete control, otherwise you lose yourself to your unrealistic and biased obsessions.
  1. You are fiercely independent. Some Scorpios spend their entire lives alone never thinking twice about it.
  1. Extremes and contradictions are the way you roll. What can you do? You love yourself a good, violent outburst or fight. At the same time, you love being ultimately gentle and giving.
  1. Just as your personality is turbulent, so is your love life.
  1. Let's be honest here, everything about your love life is also full of contradictions and extremes.
  1. Also, let's just say that you can hold a grudge, to put things lightly. Come on, who are we kidding? Forgiving and forgetting is not one of your more endearing qualities.
  1. You're a really jealous person...
  1. ALSO, you can be pretty sadistic and malicious...
  2. BUT, and ask anyone who's ever been friends with a Scorpio, once you win a Scorpio over, a Scorpio is yours for life. You are, without a doubt, the most loyal sign in the Zodiac and your devotion cannot be wavered.
  1. You love selflessly, often hurting yourself in the process. You don't mind this, though. You get satisfaction out of giving it your all. It makes you feel useful and a part of something larger than yourself.
  1. Speaking of feeling useful, you need to be occupied at all times and working towards something. Has anyone ever called you a busy bee? Well, that's because you are.
  1. You're the hardest working and most determined Zodiac sign.
  1. You function best in a position of power.
  1. Some might even be inclined to call you power-hungry. That's not the case, though. You just feel best when you're in control because it makes you feel like things are going according to plan and the task at hand will be completed within a set deadline.
  1. Scorpios are excellent at figuring just about anything out.
  1. You're very deep and intense, but to most people you seem chilled out and a bit superficial.
  1. When it comes down to it, you're an introvert...
  1. BUT you act like an extrovert, which is why most people have a hard time figuring out how to act towards you.
  1. Scorpios are fighters. You never give up.

Image: Scorpius and the Milky Way by Luis Argherich