Born adventurers, Sagittarians dread the idea of spending their lives in one place. And why should you? You have the entire world at your feet and are never afraid to shoot for the stars. You crave adventures and new experiences and excitement, above all.

World travelers as you are, those of you born under the sign of the Sagittarius are know-it-alls and you have every right to be self-confident. You are, after all, the great philosophers and adventurers of the zodiac.

We love you for your free spirit and spontaneity and admire your independence and idealism. Not everyone can understand you, though. What you perceive as spontaneity, others can see as irresponsibility. What you think is straightforwardness, some may consider rude and aggressive. And you’re also not a huge fan of commitment.

20 Signs You Are A Sagittarius - Poza 1

You may not be perfect, but you are definitely one of a kind. Here’s what we think best describes you:

  1. People love you because you always see the best in everyone!
  1. They also love spending time with you because of your happy-go-lucky nature and optimistic outlook on life.
  1. Your friends can easily confide in you because they know you will never judge them. Your open-mindedness and enthusiastic nature are what makes you a good listener and an even better friend.
  1. You are definitely the star of every party with all your fantastic stories.
  1. Speaking of stories, you have no shortage of amazing tales due to your adventurous lifestyle and creative thinking. You don’t have to be a world-traveler to know what the world is really about.
  1. But you really love traveling, though. You are aware that the real beauty of existence lies in exploring our planet and you see magic everywhere. There is not a single dull moment in your life and you are always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow.
  1. If you could choose how to live your life, there would definitely be no 9-5 jobs and running errands would be a thing of the past. You strongly dislike mundane activities and don’t understand people who are afraid to leave their comfort zone.
  1. On the other hand, you can get pretty irritable when you get stuck in a rut and that tends to happen often – not by your choice, of course.
  1. The only problem is that you get bored easily and constantly need something to hold your attention.
  1. This is also w-hy you have some serious commitment problems.
  1. At the same time, you really want to find that special someone but are afraid that no one will be able to understand your need for freedom and independence.
  1. Some people also find you irresponsible…
  1. …although you would never describe yourself like that. You just don’t want to spend your life on trivial things when there’s a whole new world waiting for you out there.
  1. You do, however, perform well under pressure and you get the job done, sooner or later.
  1. Fortune always seems to be on your side and you have no problem whatsoever with taking risks.
  1. You’ll make some bad choices and turn down some great opportunities, but what matters to you the most is that you have lived your life according to your own rules.
  1. Speaking of rules, you also don’t have a problem with breaking them.
  1. Knowledge and curiosity are your biggest allies and there’s nothing you love more than to spend an evening with a good book or someone who shares your philosophical and spiritual views.
  1. You are a strong advocate for justice and never doubt yourself when it comes to what's wrong or right.
  1. You are highly opinionated and always speak your mind. Nothing could ever persuade you to be dishonest – even if that means that someone is going to end up hurt.