You're pretty much the hippie of the Zodiac! You're always aiming towards peace, love and harmony, and to add to the whole hippie vibe, you love being outside!

Basically, you look for a balance in everything you do, and you're gracious, diplomatic and very social while you're at it. Although you're gracious and a social butterfly, you do have some contradictions about you. You do carry a grudge sometimes and you can get in a pretty big rut once you start pitying yourself.

But, we love you anyway, and it's not because you don't know how to say "no." Check out some pretty specific things that make you a Libra:

  1. You're super romantic, and this makes sense considering that your ruling planet is Venus. We love to be wooed by you.
  1. Finding a partner, or someone to love you, is a priority for you. You just can't stand being alone.
  1. Your inherent grace makes you really charming to most people in a soothing, comforting way. Your charm is so powerful that it can extend beyond you and make pretty much any situation you're in charming. This is one of your super special qualities.
  1. Libras are one of the most relaxed and laid-back signs of the Zodiac. People just love chilling with you. It's almost like a spa treatment.
  1. The fact that people like being around you works out very well for you because you love hanging out. You're energized by people.
  1. You can learn to be a great leader, one that would work fair and hard to earn a position of power and keep it.
  1. Your grace also makes you a wonderful diplomat - solving disputes left and right.
  1. But, in trying to please everyone, you do end up having to be pretty superficial. You may want to try and dial back the whole making everyone happy thing.
  1. This doesn't mean you don't know how to bite back if someone steps over the line or annoys you.
  1. You're indecisive.
  1. This makes you pretty flakey. Sound familiar? Yea, we know you've heard that once or twice in your life.
  1. You are a vehement opponent of violence in every form. Yes, it's because you hate seeing other people hurt, but also because violence is just not aesthetically pleasing.
  1. Injustice is another thing that gets you going. You just don't understand it.
  1. You love traveling and seeing new places and things.
  1. Your natural grace gives you a natural tendency towards balance in every aspect of your life. This means that while you dislike conformity, you also don't like people who cause too much of a fuss.
  1. You spend money like it's nothing.
  1. It's usually on things you don't really need, but that make your surroundings more beautiful.
  1. So, it makes sense that you love shopping more than any other sign in the Zodiac.
  1. You know how to truly appreciate a gesture, no matter how small.
  1. You tend to over-think to a fault.

Main image: Sidney Hall restaured by Adam Cuerden