The Leo is one of the strongest and most independent signs in the Zodiac. Its symbol is the lion, and, as you can imagine, that makes a whole lot of sense in more ways than one. A Leo is a king, and the lion needs its kingdom. You need to feel powerful and appreciated, and you have no trouble getting exactly what you want.

At your best, you are full of confidence, you are a go-getter, generous, fiercely loyal and an amazing companion. At your worst, you are a bit stuck up, undeservingly controlling, have a melodramatic streak and you can be somewhat vain.

That's OK, though, because those who know you understand that being around you is a privilege as you make people feel safe and secure.

Sound familiar? Is this something you've been told before? Well, here's a couple of other things you may find to be true as well:

  1. Although you are fiercely individualistic, you prefer to have a partner who appreciates and admires you.
  1. You need to feel like a king or queen. It's an absolute necessity.
  1. Your friends love you because you're always there when the going gets rough...
  1. And you know how to lift the spirits of those you love.
  1. People are drawn by your charm and naturally gravitate towards you. You love it, though, because you're a social butterfly.
  1. Everything business-related comes naturally to you and you are just awesome at making money.
  1. However, if you're not in a position of control in the workplace things can get a bit ugly because *coughs* you kind of have authority issues.
  1. You can't stand a boring moment, BUT...
  1. This kind of means that you sometimes create a bit of unnecessary drama.
  1. Just as easily as you get into drama, you get out of it.
  1. You're very proud. Sometimes maybe to a fault.
  1. Don't worry, though, because a lot of people think that's pretty charming.
  1. You never settle. You work hard to get things just as you want them.
  1. Sadness is not a thing you can get into like Cancers can for example. Whenever you get a bit down, you try really hard to get yourself out of a rut.
  1. At the same time, you're pretty stubborn, which means that you'd rather go down fighting than ask for help.
  1. You don't like mind games. And the minute you realize someone is playing them with you, you check out.
  1. Under that hard exterior, you have a pretty tender heart. Some people find that hard to believe at first, but they begin to understand over time. You show them through devotion.
  1. This means you love completely and with your whole being. No ifs, whens or buts.
  1. It also means you often get heartbroken. But, your inner strength helps you move on and become even stronger next time.
  1. Most importantly, those you chose to love are really lucky.