Capricorns are considered by many the most serious sign of the zodiac, and you need a lot of time and reassurance to introduce your inner child to a chosen few.

On the one hand, you are super ambitious and determined to make things go your way, and incredibly devoted and patient on the other. You also experience frequent mood swings, being perfectly happy at one moment and inexplicably grumpy at the very next. The world is always black and white for you – or so we think. The truth is that there is so much more to Capricorns than meets the eye and it’s precisely the unpredictability that surrounds you that makes you so intriguing. Here’s what you are really all about:

  1. People hold you in particularly high regard because you are the most dependable and reliable person they have ever met.
  2. What they love about you the most is that they can be themselves in front of you. You will be the first person they will confide their thoughts and secrets to and they will never doubt your loyalty or honesty.
  3. However, you choose your friends wisely and carefully and believe that not everyone deserves your friendship and trust.
  4. And no matter how much you love and respect someone, you are not happy being told what to do. Taking instructions from others has never been your strong side.
  5. Some might perceive you as too bossy, but what they don’t understand is that you have already set your mind on something and couldn’t care less about other people’s rules.
  6. You are hard-working, well-organized and highly independent.
  7. You know both your capabilities and your limits to a fault and are, therefore, aware of all your strengths and weaknesses. Some might call you a perfectionist, you perceive yourself as a high-achiever.
  8. You are also blessed with a phenomenal sense of humor and always know how to amuse, entertain and make people laugh with your unique jokes and antics.
  9. Paradoxically, Capricorns are often overwhelmed by feelings of melancholy and depression.
  10. Though people may not notice it at first, you are a real sweetheart beneath all that armor. You are not immune to the suffering of others and will go out of your way to help those in need.
  11. That, however, doesn’t mean that you don’t expect anything in return.
  12. You are what we would describe as a traditional person, which means that you expect to see some growth in the people you have helped. You learn from your mistakes and believe that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger – and expect the same from everyone else.
  13. You are not always that demanding, though. When it comes to your loved ones, you have all the patience in the world.
  14. You really love your job and are good at anything you do, but what matters most to you is your family.
  15. As everyone who has ever wanted to win over a Capricorn knows, this usually proves to be a much harder task than anticipated. Seriously, you are very picky.
  16. BUT, once caught and trapped, you do stick around.
  17. When Capricorns find that special someone, most of you will make a commitment for life.
  18. We know you are already aware of how awesome you actually are, but this is pretty darn sweet. There are really not many people in the world who believe in all the ‘till death do us part’ thing.
  19. You are also great with kids.
  20. People who are allowed in your inner circle should consider themselves really lucky – you are truly someone worth knowing.