Let's not beat around the bush, if you're a cancer, you know you're full of contradictions. Well, sometimes you know, other times you're convinced that's not the case and you've got just about everything figured out.

If you've got your sun in cancer, you have a bunch of super awesome qualities. You're loyal, we can always count on you, and we know you care about us. At the same time, you do have your mood swings, and - this one might hurt a bit- you do get a bit too sensitive about things that you maybe shouldn't. There's also that whole pitying yourself thing.

You may have your faults, but we love you anyway! Here's what makes you special:

  1. People love talking to you because you're a great listener!
  1. They also love listening to you, because you've got a lot to say and you say it so well.
  1. You love being home and that's where you find your peace. Your house or apartment is always extravagant, and every nook and cranny is filled with something super special - a memory!
  1. Speaking of memories, you're really sentimental. The slightest emotion may send you on a rollercoaster, and we know you cry at just about any movie.
  1. Despite your mood swings, however, at the end of the day you're an optimist. You're always looking for a way to make things better, and the awesome thing is that you somehow seem to find it each time.
  1. At the same time, though, you're a realist. Somehow, you never get swept away by your endless stream of emotions when it comes to getting down to business.
  1. Everything about you is creative - from the way you think, down to what you chose to do in terms of a career. You're an artist at heart and you need an outlet for expressing yourself.
  1. You have a real need to work, it's what drives you and it's how you feel useful.
  1. In addition to needing to work, you also need to be able to provide for yourself and your family. It's an essential part of what makes you - you - being productive and useful.
  1. You're really afraid of being rejected. The very thought makes you shudder and may cause you to act in ways you may not be proud of later.
  1. BUT, despite your pretty tough exterior, you have a soft underbelly - you're easily hurt.
  1. This, unfortunately, sometimes makes you pretty resentful... AND...
  1. You're not very forgiving. There's no "forgive and forget" with you.
  1. It takes a lot to push you over the edge, but when you get there you explode with anger.
  1. Let's get back to your better qualities, though. One thing that really makes cancers stand out is how intuitive you are. You're great at reading between the lines and understanding how others are feeling.
  1. This also means that you don't have to be direct when you talk, and you usually aren't.
  1. You're funny, but the way you do it is really specific. It involves a bunch of self-deprecation, but it's always charming.
  1. Some people find you scary.
  1. You're good at figuring out who's telling lies and you find it annoying.
  1. You're an amazing friend who loves nurturing your loved ones.